Kindle Fire HD, Google Accounts, and 2-Factor Authentication

⊆ 8:42:00 PM by Mike Santangelo | ˜ 0 responses »

So, I just got my brand-spanking new Kindle Fire HD (8.9"!) and spent the better part of the afternoon trying to setup my Gmail account.

I have 2-factor authentication enabled, and the Application Specific Password I was trying would not work, no matter what I tried.

I consistently got the error "Unable to sync to the server" because "I do not have permission to sync with this server. Contact the server's administrator."  Well, after working all evening to get it working, I finally did!

The solution that worked for me was:
1) Add a new account, "Other provider" and fill it in using your credentials.  Your username should be
2) Let it sync
3) Add a new account, "Gmail" and fill it in using your credentials, this time with the correct
4) Generate a new Application Specific Password, MAKE NOTE OF THE SPACES.
5) Fill in the password, including the spaces.  This was the key to making it work for me.  I know Google says the spaces are irrelevant, but in my case they WERE VERY RELEVANT!

I hope this helps you all!