Obama Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

Wait. What?

You heard right folks. President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, official as of this morning.

And all I have to say is... What the hell ass?

All Winners
Look at the list. Really look at it. Look me in the eye and tell me that he has done ANYTHING that compares in the slightest to the works of Red Cross, or Physicists Against Nuclear War. Seriously? He hasn't -done- anything yet. He may have some lofty goals, and some interesting ideas, but he hasn't DONE _ANY_ of it yet. I mean hell, if you are giving out awards for people with grand ambitions now, why wasn't I considered? I have some amazing plans that could really turn this planet around!

Ugh! Political pandering. Attempting to get attention from people who have largely ignored the Nobel Committee. That is ALL that this is.

Let's see.
He has:
- planned for troop removal from Iraq (no action taken)
- closed Guantanamo bay (good move In My Opinion)
- attempted to start legislation to curb greenhouse emissions (stalled in Senate and House)
- attempted to undo damage done to Chinese/America and Russia/America relations (awaiting results)
- Middle East Outreach (largely rejected by countries such as Iran; accepted by places like Egypt)
- Health Care Reform (largely stalled in House and Senate).

Honestly folks. You shouldn't be getting a Nobel Peace Prize for best effort or grand ambitions.

If your works and efforts have been successful, have changed the world for the better, or made a huge impact, then congratulations.

Obama did not deserve this. He has not done anything (yet) to deserve it.

-M, punching out


2 Responses to Obama Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

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