Feeling Guilty

Did a programming project for work, and gave them exactly what they asked for. Gave them a month to test it and request new features before getting it put up live.

Now it's live and they want new, different features. It is the semester and I have almost no time to do any coding except the weekends, my precious little time off.

What should I do? :|

My initial inclination is to say "eff you, I do not have the time right now to add features that you want when you had a month to do testing and did none.".

However, the part of me that strives to be a good employee says "goddamnit fine, I wasn't planning on doing anything this weekend anyways."

Suggestions? =\


3 Responses to Feeling Guilty

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  3. InNeedOfCreation Says:
    Well I suppose it depends if you get away with the "Feck off" approach then well played if not then just say to them that any changes you wanted should have been changed before the programmed was made live and any extra will cost extra haha!