What A Day, Hope The Week Is Better!

So. Marvelous stuff abounds.

I went to work this morning, walked back to my car at 2:00pm and found, glory be, a wonderful dent in my wheel well. It's about 3/4 of the length of a dollar, and about the height of a dollar, and about 4 or 5 nickels width's thick. ... Sigh. No note again. No nothing. I really hate people sometimes. =(

Then, on the way back to my apartment afterward, a guy on a crotch-rocket motorcycle tried to take the right turn onto Huntington St. from Easton Ave. too fast (trying to beat the red light) and ended up sliding around the turn, fell off his bike and sliding towards my car. His bike missed my car, thank god, and he slid into my door. No damage nor dents from that thankfully. He got right up, I helped him move his bike to the side of the road, he said he was OK. His bike wouldn't start though. Sucks for him.

Photos to follow:


2 Responses to What A Day, Hope The Week Is Better!

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