My Day So Far

So, here's been my day so far:

Wake up at 10:00am to try and fill my low tire (my car says TIRE PRESSURE LOW!!!111one!!). It's at 22 PSI, other tires are at 32 PSI. My pump won't pressurize above 28 PSI. GG. I go to STS and they take my tire down. It has three gigantic nails in it, and a gash about 3 inches long in it as well. STS people say I'm lucky the tire didnt rupture while being driven. Yippee. $150 down the tubes for replacement tire, installation, and work. HURRAY FOR ME

So I get to work on time (miraculously, after getting my tire changed and returning the crappy pump to Kmart) and I proceed to call Rutgers Financial Aid office to figure out why I haven't received any financial aid this year.

Why? Anyone care to guess?


Ok, well apparently 12 credits of A's (4.0 GPA) isn't "Acceptable Academic Progress" according to Rutgers. In short? I get no money this year. They're sending me a letter to challenge the award being declined, but the vibe I got from the Financial Aid office was "tough luck".

Also, it's raining. Hu-fucking-rray.

So... What a great day this has been.

Fuck this shit.


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