The State of the USA

We as a whole *really* need to get caught up. Recently a bill was entered into Congress regarding healthcare. PDF full text

Let's analyze this just a little bit.

If the Congress and the PolitBureau really wanted to pay for hospital services, they would pay the "going rate" of hospitals. Instead, they pay $36 for a $500 procedure, causing hospitals to charge $8 for aspirin. Congress is WHY the system is broken, not the cure.

The plan is to crush as many industries as possible with legislation, then arrive as if uninvolved and claim "Capitalism did this!" and "We need more regulation! This is exactly what is happening with the car companies right now. The government is taking them over, but honestly, what does the government know about running a car company?

Then, the Fed, despite the strict outlines in the Constitution, controls everything in exactly the same way as Communist governments. (Where life universally SUCKS.) Truly. The Government should not be having control over the general populace or industries in the country.

But the way we are heading, it is just a means to secure control. Banking, Mortgages, Car manufacturing, everything but Hollywood is getting a "bailout" and then finding themselves so bound to do the WRONG thing, they don't want it. It's instead a "BUY OUT". They don't have a choice. Except for going out of business

These are the end-times for the America of freedom. And in the next world war, there will be no one to save France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and all the other countries we've saved twice in the last two. The end of choice being: required to have health care. Not being able to purchase a vehicle we want and can afford because it might be dangerous in some way. Anything. ANY restriction is a restriction on my freedom to choose. And as such, that is completely unacceptable.

The problem with Republicans is that they're not Conservative; McCain and Obama had nothing on which to disagree- both loved the idea of central control, sweeping the Constition under the rug, and consolidating power.

Sorry, but this is where we stand. Thank the media, on our way to hell.


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