The Dutch


So. The Dutch wanted to make it a law that requires any ISP subscriber to pay (via a tax) for newspapers in order to keep them in business. Even though I am not Dutch, I am a very large internet user, and let me say, my god I am glad the Dutch Minister knew to say NO to that kind of stupidity. I mean seriously, I appreciate the printed word as much as the next chap (probably more so, the next chap just reads everything online now probably.

Seriously though, why should everyone have to pay for something that not everyone uses. It's not like air people. Everyone uses air, and thus everyone pays for air (if you think you don't, check into your taxes and see how much goes to environmental protection and what not).

Newspapers, magazines, and the printed word in general are in trouble. Why? They didn't keep up with the times. Some are catching up, I don't remember the one in particular, but they are offering free access to the premium access of their website when you subscribe to the hard copy of the paper. That's how it SHOULD be. And the online viewer shouldn't be punished for the lack of hard copy viewers. If anything, you should be thankful for their business.

It's like the news companies complaining about how Google isn't helping them out enough or not paying the newspaper for the content they supposedly steal.

I hate to break it to you old-world style journalists, but the Internet can only help you - if you know how to use it. If you don't know how to use it (and don't bother learning) or don't want to use it, don't expect the world to change for you. That's not the way it works.

Just as the music/movie industry must adapt their industry to face changes in the market, so must the news industry. They still have time to do so. Or maybe they'll just give up and start suing people like the RIAA/MPAA have decided to do.

I don't get it really, why do industry exec's expect the world's progress to STOP in favor of their narrow (and misguided!) views of the how we should view content.


-M, punching out.


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