Testing and Updates

Made some minor site changes (bet you won't even notice haha), so I'm just testing to find out if it's working.

As some updates, first with classes.
Social Informatics: First project returned, 25/25
Internet & Info Environments: First exam returned, 200/190 (I owned that exam)
Intro to Communication: First exam returned, 25/30 (wewt)
Intro to Information Tech: First exam done, not yet returned. First essay done, not yet returned. 5/5 on first quiz and biblio.

So, long story short, I'm having a very good semester!

Things are looking up for a nice change. Spring break is coming up very quickly and I can't wait to see what else can happen.

My new computer is elite. It's absolutely amazing, running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Beta, and Ubuntu. They all play along rather nicely actually.

I've gotten the parts for my helicopter but it still doesn't work 100%. :( For those that do not know, I'm very info models (rockets, planes, helicopters, boats, etc) but have all of a sudden broken into the RC scene. It's very fun and awesome to see the things take off and (hopefully!) land in one piece.

That's all for now.



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