So I went looking for a sports jacket type dealie (after going to Jean's friend Leah's Swwet-16 (picture on facebook if you so desire) and seeing a bunch of highschoolers wearing them and finally realizing it's time to buy one.

I went to Burlington Coat Factory and saw a nice one from Adolfo (I kid you not, that is the name) for 175$. I told the tailor that I would probably come back in a few weeks with enough cash to purchase one. We promptly left. We then went to Men's Wearhouse and found a few more for, again, 175$. I told the tailor there (who was very nice I may add) that I would probably return there as well.

Then we came across a store called Casual Male XL. We went in, thinking it would be jeans and what not. Imagine my surprise when I find some nice sports coats there as well. They had a nice black one (with admittedly gaudy golden buttons - which I will probably end up replacing) for 175$ and 50% off. I say, why not, I can afford 90$ for a nice coat.

I bring it up to the front, and they ring it up as, get this, 43.75$. I was like woah. So yeah. I will take some pictures of it later. You'll probably see me wearing it at some point too. haha

-M, punching out.


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