Status Updates

Ok people, we have a lot of ground to cover. So let's get started, shall we?

I have deleted my facebook account. Why you may ask? "Facebook's terms of service (TOS) used to say that when you closed an account on their network, any rights they claimed to the original content you uploaded would expire. Not anymore. Now, anything you upload to Facebook can be used by Facebook in any way they deem fit, forever, no matter what you do later. Want to close your account? Good for you, but Facebook still has the right to do whatever it wants with your old content. They can even sublicense it if they want." (Chris Walters, Linky). The best part is the current Terms of Service include a provision stating that facebook does NOT need to notify you or have you agree whenever they update their Terms of Service. Guess what, you've sold your soul to Facebook. Congratulations! Sorry facebook, but that's not cool in my book, and the only way I can think of to deal with it and show an appropriate response is to nuke my account completely. Goodbye! If anyone needs to get in touch with me, you can hit me up on AIM: MASantangelo8.

Also, for those who may have missed the facebook notification, I'm officially in a relationship with an awesome girl named Jean. If you haven't met her yet, let me know and maybe we can grab a bite together and I can introduce you.

In addition, to that good news, classes are going very well. The material is fun, interesting, and as a whole not too bad to do. Midterms are starting soon, but I feel pretty confident that I will do well with them. I have lots of papers to write, but I've already finished writing one, so things are going pretty well overall!

On another note, I have finally gotten around to ordering parts for a new computer. I will be posting specs and pictures of it soon, so keep an eye out!

Finally, work is going pretty well even though hiring is about to start and that makes things hectic. So, here's hoping that they go well.

More updates to follow, I promise. But for now I need to go finish another load of laundry and tidy up. My first afternoon class tomorrow (4:30-5:50pm) got canceled so I will be sitting around and reading for most of the afternoon.


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