People who break the law

I was reading a post on DSLReports, someone was ranting about the police again.

Original Post Starts:
While working tonight as a delivery driver, I was pulled over for speeding. I was speeding because I had taken one delivery, picked up my significant other, then was heading to the last delivery with my so when I was stopped

The cop approached on the passenger side, and seemed friendly enough... I gathered up the paperwork/license and he went off for about 20min to his crownvic to (presumably at this point) call a k-9 to the area..

Im not new to this... a speeding ticket is a simple matter and has never taken more than 5-10 min for a cop to write out and give to the offender. Instead I notice a k9 tahoe coming towards us, and it makes a u turn and parks with it's lights off next to the cop.

I knew what was going down. This cop saw my posession charge from 2 years ago and thought it was ok to search my car.

I never consented to a search nor acted suspiciously, another cop brought the dog around and told me he was doing an "open air search" yeah, ok whatever cop, I flat out stated that I do not consent to a search of my persons or my car (which isn't even in my name) directly into the dash cam.. I then proceeded to ask the cop what his probable cause for the search was... he told me he didn't need it for an "open air search" outside the vehicle... and then `voila without even hearing so much as a scratch this trained dog was inside my car (yes apparently he licked his nuts twice which means theres dope in the air) walking all over my seats sniffing and drooling like some rabid wilderbeast in need of being put down...

I repeatedly informed him of his blatant disregard for my constitutional rights and he informed me that is was "standard procedure" and "perfectly normal"

I went on to joke about how standardized their "procedure" for circumventing the us constitution seemed to be, but that regardless anything found could be excluded based on my non-consent

this was my first time with this cop, but not my first rodeo either... a complete feeling of helplessness... a blatant disregard for the law on their part, and a half hour of my life wasted by some idiot cop with an agenda

his reasoning for the search was my prior record.. and I let him know quite plainly that that wouldn't fly in court, it's just rediculous that it's happening in the first place..

the ends really justify the means for these people...
so concenered with locking two kids up who have been working all day, and were pulled over for speeding; nothing less; nothing more

so naturally I whipped out the things they couldn't find to calm down and enjoy my night instead of dwell on how savage this nation has become

never heard of a k-9 not finding it... but OH WOW!

Original Post Ends

OK, so let's analyze the facts that he presented.
1) He was speeding (breaking the law)
2) He has been convicted of prior drug possession.
3) The cop performed an open air search. This is common law in most states (the only one that comes to mind where this isn't legal is Washington). In most states, police are allowed to examine all openly visible areas and use them as probable cause. If you have a joint on the dash, expect to get questioned. If you smell of booze or pot, expect to get questioned.
4) The cop called in a K-9 unit. The K-9 unit performed an open air search and got a hit.
5) The K-9 unit was then allowed into the vehicle for further examination.
6) The K-9 unit did not find anything, so he gets off with the original speeding ticket.

Now, he claims that the cops violated his rights. How? ... By doing a search? Legal. By allowing the dog into the vehicle? Legal, the dog had a hit.

Now, let's examine his actions. By his own admission he did in fact have joints on himself again. ..Wait, what? You're breaking the law, but complaining about other people supposedly breaking the law?... My head hurts.

Look people.

It's a law. Pot is an illegal substance in the United States.

Yes, I understand, it's less harmful than tobacco, and helps people relax, and all this awesome shit. But it's still illegal.

You're not the next freaking Gandhi man. Your supposed civil disobedience isn't against tyranny. It's against something for your own selfish benefit.

The culture of self entitlement in this country sickens me.

(Side note: I am for the legalization of pot. However, it is not yet legal. Deal with it.)


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