Happy Thanksgiving! :D

My favoritest holiday. I won't say it's non-commercial, but it's the least commercialized holiday - and I love it.

I love the food, I love the friends, I love the family, and I love watching football.

For me, beyond cleaning the house for my mum there is not much to do. I offer to clean the dishes but always get beat to the punch haha.

So happy Thanksgiving to all of you who read this, and especially to all my friends. I wish more of you were around to share this day with me. :)

I love making plays on the Lord's Prayer.

Our turkey, thou art in ovens
Hallowed be thy stuffing
Thy gravy come
You will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our spills
As we forgive those who drop the food
And lead us not to fake turkeys
But deliver us from tryptophan
For thine is the cranberry,
And the pumpkin pie, and the eggnog
For ever and ever



1 Response to Happy Thanksgiving! :D

  1. Noncomplacent Citizen Says:
    Happy Turkey Day to you too!