So, I kind of promised myself I wouldn't post politics beyond the initial "this is my candidate and reasons why" stuff, but I'm tired but not sleepy so I'm going to write out the ideas I have in my head now because if I don't I'll never get to sleep.

Let me preface this by saying Thank Sweet Merciful Gods that the election is finally over. The amount of crap that gets dredged from the bottoms of society is absolutely sickening.

I will also preface this by saying I did not vote for Obama. I also did not want Obama to win, for reasons which I have talked about in the past.

I will make an addendum to that statement by saying that I feel sorry for him.

As I do every election year, I wrote down a list of the 'issues' and 'promises' that each candidate made, as I heard them.

And now that the election is over I get to watch as he attempts (or does not attempt) to pass legislation.

And the reason why I feel bad for Obama is this.

He will not accomplish the change he campaigned for.

At least not directly.

He will get the chains moving.

He will get the ball rolling, to be sure.

But the last decade or so has left America battered, bruised, and broken.

And it will take more time than he has, I fear.

It will take some unpopular motions and such to effect things.

And I doubt he will get re-elected in 4 years.

And that's why I feel sorry for him.

No one ever remembers the person who starts making change.

People remember those around when change happens.

So President Obama, good luck to you. Best of luck.

You will need it.


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