The US Government Makes Me Sick.

Here's yet another reason why.

The government is further getting involved in the policing of it's people - not for breaking laws - but instead for insuring that a dying industry can continue to use a failing business model instead of trying to keep up with the times.

In short, with the passing of the PRO-IP Act the government has:
1) Increased penalties for copyright infringement ( and before you say all copyright infringement is bad, keep in mind that the following things are considered copyright infringement: ripping your CD collection to mp3 to put it on your digital music player, ripping a DVD to AVI so you can watch it on your device of choice, posting your favorite song lyrics was debated [the courts ruled that the producers own the lyrics, how fucked up is that?]... ) have been increased by a not-insignificant amount.

2) Added civil forfeiture provisions which allows them to rule that you are no longer the owner of said things - they are thus taken away completely. Not just the songs, but possibly the equipment used to infringe.

3) Creation of an IP Czar to watch and integrate these things into all aspects of government and possibly try and force ISPs to monitor your online activities to ensure you aren't violating these tenants.

The problem is that the RIAA/MPAA/Bill Sponsors seem to think that the government should be involved in making sure that these people can make money. The government already provides provisions for enabling these people to make money and bring people to court when they feel that they have been shafted. So why, oh why, is the government deciding that now the government will have to do the footwork for these people? It doesn't make any sense.

You know what, the whole government doesn't make sense at all anymore.

Sure, we can afford a $700 billion dollar bailout of companies that have poor business plans.
But we can't afford to make health care more affordable in the count.
But we can't afford to make sure that everyone gets three square meals a day.
But we can't afford to make higher education more accessible to everyone.
But we can't afford to make school in general better.
But we can't afford to make things easier for the average 9-5 worker.

Nooooooooo, but when someone with deep pockets is in trouble, Government to the rescue.

I'm sick to my goddamn stomach.

And every single Senator in Washington should be sick to their stomachs as well. Because this act passed unanimously. Not a single person has a lick of common sense.

Once again readers, I leave you with my favorite sentiment.

There are 4 boxes to use in the defense of Liberty and Freedom.

Use them in that order.


3 Responses to The US Government Makes Me Sick.

  1. Justine Bienkowski Says:



  2. Noncomplacent Citizen Says:
    I disagree - I think ballot box should come first and foremost. However, since we only get to vote (election/referendum-wise) a few times a year, I can see how it would slide into third place.
  3. Mike Santangelo Says:
    @noncomplacent citizen: That is in fact the reason why the ballot falls to third place in the list. You can stand on a soapbox whenever you want. Jury duty comes far more often than voting. Thus while the ballot is more important, it is not often enough to make it higher on the list.