This week sucks.


Let's start from the top.

My car had a broken tail light and dented rear panels and bumper.

My computer has died: video cards are shot, power supply is not working. :|

I still don't have a full time job, and all the ones I'm hearing about are in places I'm not able nor ready to commute to (Manhattan, Conneticut, etc).

Since my computer died I lost access to the page that I was working on - if I don't get my computer back soon the project dies here. :\

So, why doesn't someone just come and shoot me already? Just put me outta my goddamn misery already.



1 Response to This week sucks.

  1. Mike Santangelo Says:
    MavericksEdge is back online - thanks to Dan the Man.

    Project work is saved and I'm a very happy person tonight. :D