Comcast Support is horrible.

Is... ugh.

I am so completely infuriated right now.

I called up Comcast around 12:50 to try and get a tech to come out to our house to look at our network status. Well, it took a total of 4 phone transfers just to get to someone who could help me.

I got a hold of a tech early on, and he seemed pretty able to help me, if a bit confused because the Comcast system was reporting that we had a different modem than we actually had. I think the tech wanted to transfer me to someone who could update our billing records for that purpose.

I ended up being trasnfered to a Wireless Network Support Representative, who realized that he couldn't help once he noticed that I was talking about a regular old modem.

He then transfered me to someone else, this time to someone who is a North-East Corridor Dispatcher/CSR. Apparently he only had access to accounts in Maryland, so I got transfered again.

Finally I'm speaking to someone who can actually help me, and within 5 minutes we have a scheduled appointment for a Technician to come out and examine what's going on. I wonder if they can figure out why our channels are fuzzy too, two birds with one stone >_>. hmm.

For those who don't know, cable modem upstream power should be in a 35 to 52 dBmV range. Ours is in the 17 to 24 dBmV range, so... We have no connection for long strings of time, 2 to 3 times a day. It's quite annoying.

Let's not talk about the fact that I had to drive 30 minutes to a Comcast Office to drop off a damnded modem (why can't we mail them in???????).

Really, I'm quite furious about the fact that it took almost 30 minutes to get a tech to come out. Why Comcast Support is so fragmented and seperated makes no sense. Any CSR should be able to pull up my account info, not just ones in my area.

Blargh. Why can't things just work? This is ridiculous.

[And btw, the CSRs all had the nerve to tell me that 17-24 dBmV is an acceptable range for modem upstream signal, even though the SNR is ridiculously low].

Advice? If your options are Comcast or *, go with *. Even if * is dialup or satelite.

-M, punching out


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  1. Mike Santangelo Says:
    Update: The tech that came out was awesome and agreed with my diagnosis.

    He did a few independent tests with his fancy equipment and then called out second tier support to have the signal boosted at the box.

    2 hours later, all is working well. :)

    I am very happy.