Time for a little whining

Time for me to whine.

I promise, it'll be very, very brief. I don't like to whine, it's really just counter-productive.

I want a good space-combat sim game. A _recent_ space combat sim game. I still play Wing Commander, but that's getting dated [even with the enhanced 3rd-party graphics].

The problem is, I want it to be single-player. Mutlti-player should be an option of course, but I want a good single-player experience for practicing and general messing around.

Jumpgate Evolution, EVE-Online... All great games. MMORPGs that you need to dedicate basically your life to if you want to get anywhere... I just want to be able to come home from work, hop into my seat, and blow up some random computer enemies. I don't care if they're real or not, and I'm not really interested in fully-persistent universes.

X3 Reunion may be my only choice at this point, but if I recall correctly it was highly inaccessible [I mean, it practically required a joystick to play, had uber system requirements, and a learning curve steeper than the walls of the Grand Canyon].

Is it too much to ask for ... for a nice single-player gaming experience anymore? Not everyone fell into that Online is everything phase. Sure I like to play a game online with buddies every now and then, but what if no one's around? I don't care to play with people I don't know.

So please, game developers... Make games single-player again. Do like the Gods of gaming, Blizzard do [with the exception of World of Warcrack]... An awesome single-player game with an immersive story... And the ability to play multi-player through some sort of network service. Blizzard got it right. They know what they're doing. Just follow in their footsteps.

-M, punching out.


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