Science is beauty.

Art is science made clear.
  - Jean Cocteau (French Scholar, Poet, etc), taken from Quote Of The Day

I'm sorry Mr. Cocteau, but I disagree.

Science is art.
And there is beauty in that science and knowledge.
There are nuances in scientific method that make it the most beautiful object in the world.
Even the simplest logical statements are considered beautiful and artful.

It is because of this that I am proud to say...
Of all things that I am, I am foremost a scientist.
An explorer.
My quest is for knowledge.
And the rewards are limitless.

For those that cannot see the clarity in science, I apologize.

Not because I feel superior for knowing this.
Not because I want to brag.
But because I wish that you could see the world as I see it.
A never ending puzzle.
Infinite in breadth.
Unimiganible in scope.

Or my favorite logical argument, Russell's Paradox.

Russell's Paradox goes as such: Let R = { x | p(x) } where p(x) is the condition for x to be contained in R. In this case chose p(x) to mean that x is not in R.

The question posed is simple: Does R contain itself as an element or not?

Well, suppose R is an element of R.
Then R does not satisfy p, and thus p(R) is false.
Therefore, R is not an element of R. Contradiction!

Well, suppose R is not an element of R.
Then R does satisfy p, and thus p(R) is true.
Therefore, R is an element of R. Contradiction!

PARADOX! Oh nose.

But the beautiful thing is: the rules of logic allow this to happen (well... naive logic).

I can't think of how else to explain it.

Just remember, there is beauty in all things.


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