PSE&G Sucks.


So I wake up this morning and go through my routine. Shower, Shave, Orange Juice, Cereal, newspaper, Email.

I open my email and see my new PSE&G bill is here. Awesome.

I open it up and it's $631. I practically had a heart attack.

So I get to work and call them up and the representative politely notifies me that the account has had a deposit fee accessed on it. The conversation went as follows:

Me: "Why is my bill this high? Last month's was only like $200."
Rep: "We added a 260$ deposit charge to your account."
Me: "What? Why?"
Rep: "It's a charge based on your prior accounts or if your account is new then based on your first two months payments."
Me: "You still haven't explained to me why this is on my bill. I have been a customer with you for two years now!"
Rep: "You need to call billing / collections. *gives number*"
Me: "Fine. *click*"

I proceed to call up Billing and Collections. After waiting on hold for almost 30 minutes I get in touch with a representative, I think the name was Paul. [Aside: I really need to remember to get the names of the people who tell me things >_>]

That conversation goes as follows:
Rep: "Can I have your account number?"
Me: "I'm at work and don't have the account numbers with me."
Rep: "Address?"
Me: "*reads off address and name*"
Rep: "Ok... What can I help you with?"
Me: "I was looking at my bill this morning and saw that it was $631. I called up Customer Service and they said there was a $260 deposit charge on my account and I was told that I needed to contact you folks to figure out why it's there and what I can do about it."
Rep: "Ok, please give me a moment to check."
*3 minutes on hold passes*
Rep: "Ok Mr. Santangelo, I see a $260 deposit fee on your account for this period, but since you transfered your old account here you shouldn't have been charged that. I'll be adding a credit to your account right now. Please hold."
*5 minutes on hold passes*
Rep: "Ok, you're all set!"
Me: "Thanks. *click*"

So in short it seems like they were basically trying to bilk me out of an additional $260. My bill was still $371 which I'm gonna need to figure out (last months was ~$200). But at least I saved $260. Ugh what a nightmare.

Now I just need to wait and see if the credit is actually applied to my account. I'll call back Monday if it isn't.

What a morning...


4 Responses to PSE&G Sucks.

  1. Mike Santangelo Says:
    For all those interested, they have credited my account. :)
  2. NJ_user Says:
    There seems to be a lot of problems with PSEG in the last few weeks. Its bill pay web site no longer works for existing customers like me. When I tried to re-register, it keeps asking me for my "new" account number that has been assigned in the last few weeks, which I do not have as I threw out my most recent bill. My old account number does not work. I am not quite certain why PSEG has chosen to make things so difficult for its customers.
  3. sektornj Says:
    Check this out - If I kill the main to my house, my meter still spins! They said someone would call me back in a few days.. Waiting......
    Check your meters everyone!!!! You know how everything in Jersey operates!
  4. sektornj Says:
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