Mission Objectives Unable to be Accomplished

ugh. What a day.

I had an interview this morning. It went. That is to say, it didn't go great, but it didn't go so poorly that I wanted to shoot myself. I just don't do well on interviews, I can never seem to articulate myself clearly enough and I always leave wondering if I have made a good impression of my skills and personality.

After my interview, I went home to get changed out of my (apparently underdressed) interview clothes and put on my normal work clothes. I also made a sandwich for lunch (bologna, salami, and cheese). The total amount of time spent in my house was no more than 10 minutes, and probably closer to 5. I go outside to get into my car which I parked in the street since my driveway was full. Lo and behold, there was a ticket on my car set for about 1 minute after the time I left my car. $22 down the fucking toilet. Ugh.

I proceeded to go to work, where a traffic light at the intersection of Easton Ave and Hamilton St was much faster than usual. I was pulling up to the intersection as the light turned yellow - normally this is enough time for me to get through at the 25mph I go on Hamilton St. However this time just as I rolled past the line the light turned red. So here I am rolling through the middle of the two busiest streets in my area with the light turned red. Thank god there were no cops.

I successfully navigated my way to Dunkin Donuts, bought my coffee and bagel, and proceeded back to work.

I get to work and have the machine that we just got back from NICR reinstalled and reimaged. I then start work on my new project for the summer: mapping out designs for the PC-IML.

Today has not been fun, and I'd really like to just bury my head in a pillow and pretend it didn't happen.

-M, punching out.


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