I Miss Home.

I miss home.

I mean, I'm at home right now, home at the moment being my apartment in New Brunswick... But I miss HOME home. My parents house, oddly enough, up in Pittstown/Clinton.

It's a completely different environment ya know...

In New Brunswick, people are up 'til all hours of the night. In Pittstown people are generally out by 11:30, 12:00.

In New Brunswick, you can't get peace and quiet no matter what you try. In Pittstown you can't get noise and activity no matter what you try. I mean I know I live off 78, but the trees deaden the sound of the big rigs.

The thing I miss the most? The night sky. In New Brunswick... I can't find a place to sky-watch. There's too much light pollution. I know I could probably go to Rutgers Gardens or some place off on Cook Douglass, but remember I don't have a car yet. At my parents house... I can go sit on the back porch or climb the hill in the back yard and just stare at the sky.

I miss it because it's a very serene place, ya know? You can't help but feel at peace. Don't get me wrong, I -like- the hustle and bustle of New Brunswick... But sometimes I want... tranquility.

The wind blowing, the smell of the crops from the farms, the moon shining bright, the stars overhead, the cool grass. What more could you ask for...?

M, Punching out.


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