The China earthquake has been widely reported so I won't reiterate the details. At 20,000 dead and 80,000 missing, there are a lot of trapped people that need help and even more families that have been affected. Myanmar's cyclone seems even worse, and even more unfortunately, most of foreign aid to Myanmar is blocked. There are indeed many tragedies happening, many of which are just another newsflash for us in the United States. But I hope you do take the time and read the reports and images from around the Web of these events to appreciate the devastation and magnitude of how many people are affected.

For a little perspective in death tolls, both are about 10 times worse than either 9/11 or Katrina.

For relief aid in China, ways to you can donate and help:
1. Mercycorps (
2. American Red Cross (
3. International Federation of Red Cross (
4. Canadian Red Cross: please make sure donate to China-earthquake. (
5. Americares (
6. Salvation Army ( )

Post details used from isohunt. I think it gets the point across better than I could.


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