Boiling A Frog

I wonder if any of you will catch the meaning of the post before I explain it.

Citizens of the USA, we are being boiled like a frog.

Let's say you want to boil a frog.
You can try boiling the water and throwing the frog in. Frogs are amphibians though. And excellent jumpers, I might add. So what's likely to happen? The frog is going to hit the pot of boiling water, jump the fuck out, and hit you with its now boiling-water-covered-body and possibly cause the pot to come flying at you. Either way, not too an appealing outcome.

Lets try it a different way.
Put the frog in the pot of lukewarm water. They like lukewarm water. He'll prolly try to swim around. It's what they do. Then you start to heat the water up... The frog will continue to swim... Being an amphibian (and thus cold blooded) his body temperature will just keep rising with the water. Meaning he won't notice, nor care. Eventually, he'll be dead from the heat.

So, understand now?

We are being boiled like a frog.

Our rights as people in this country are being slowly eroded. They can't do it all at once, because we'd all notice and call foul. They can however do it slowly... So it appears they actually care. It all started with increased security at airports. They need to ruffle through your stuff and you can't bring certain things on board... The outcry? What outcry. They're doing it to keep us safe. Then they started to say that people could be held without bail for no reason. Again, minimal outcry, they're doing it to keep us safe. Then they said if you're called a terrorist you can be locked away indefinetely for no other reason. Then they say that the government can spy on your phone calls. Then they say they have the right to examine all your mail. Then they say if you're flying they're allowed to make bit-wise copies of your laptop hard-drives. Now they say that online community hosts (think Blizzard and World of Warcraft) need to provide ways for the government to watch communications because terrorists might be harboring there.

If they did this all at once, there's no way it woulda been let through. But they did it gradually. Slowly... And as a result?

We're in a nanny-state. They're watching our every move.

I say once again...

There are four boxes to use in the defense of liberty. Soap, Jury, Ballot, Ammo... Use them in that order...


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