Twilight Realizations Courtesy Boozes

When you grow up, you realize that there isn't any Santa, but the monsters are still around. If only they were still big and hairy; now, they're dark and amorphous, and they're no longer afraid of the light. Sometimes they're the guy who climbs in the window and steals your television. Sometimes they're the guy who walks out the front door with your heart in his hand and never comes back. Sometimes they're the job or the bank or the wife or the husband or the boss or that dark, heavy feeling that sits between your shoulder blades like a backpack.

You learn that there are always terrible things waiting to grab you by the ankle, to pull you under, to get you with their long, horrible arms. And you lie in bed and look at the shadows on the ceiling and feel, under the covers, just for a moment, that you're safe. One more day alive.



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