Rutgers Pisses Me Off.

Rutgers plays Florida State today. I don't know when exactly, but I they've already closed off a bunch of roads, parking lots, etc in preparation. In short, there are still classes today, but you'll have a bitch of a time getting to them. Also, your class may be cancelled by your professor. Mine wasn't. I'm just curious, what kind of image does this send to prospective students? "We don't care about Academics - cuz all people really are here for is sports". I just want to get to class god damnit. I don't care what people say. The money we're spending on a stadium could be much better appropriated towards classes that have been cut. What the hell kind of message is the state saying about education? Again, it's obvious they just don't care about academics. Sports is not the appropriate way to attract people to the school. All we'll end up with is more jock idiots, dragging the university down further. We need to show support for academics - that's the only way to make things work properly again.

Fucking Rutgers.


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