One Senator Takes a Stand

Chris Dodd, a senator and 2008 Presedential Candidate Hopeful took a stand against one of the articles I posted last night, the Telecomm. Immunity Act.

It is a little known fact that any act that enters the Senate gets voted on TWICE.

The first vote MUST be unanimous, it is a vote to do the real vote. If even one Senator says no, then the bill cannot move forward.
The second vote must be 50%+1 (if Veto'd by the president, then it must be a greater percentage).

Dodd has taken a moral and constitutional stand against the Telecomm. Immunity Act by saying he will NOT vote for it to be voted through. As such, the act will not be able to be voted on by the Senate, and will never make it through.

I commend Senator Dodd on his committment to the constitution and to American Liberties and Rights.

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I urge all people to thank Senator Dodd through either a monetary donation to his Presidential Campaign, or through a phone call or letter. Failing this, at least leave feedback on his website.


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