Fishing Yay! Targum Interview Yay x2!

Today Dan, his dad, and myself went fishing down near Seaside and Toms River. Probably the best fishing I've done in a long time. ^_^

I caught:
19", 3 pound Weakfish
7 small Snapper-Blues (a variety of Kingfish supposedly)
3 NJ Blue Crab

All in all, a very productive day. :)

Images are available here. (Congrats to Dan for thinking up the most weird and slightly disgusting way to take a picture of caught fish: hooking them on your fingers through the gills to the mouth. My fingers stiil feel weird. :P

Thanks for the fun guys, hope to join ya out there again sometime soon. ^_^


On another note, the lady from Targum Publishing called today for the interview we were supposed to have. It seems to have gone pretty well, though it was mostly a "get to know your personality" interview. I have a technical interview coming up again Monday at 7:00pm. So wish me luck on that and I might just end up with a brand new shiny job. :)

-M, punching out.


2 Responses to Fishing Yay! Targum Interview Yay x2!

  1. Dan Says:
    Mikey, it's always a pleasure having you aboard. Just next time save some fish for us! ;) J/K. Glad you had fun, buddy. Excellent display of fishing prowess!
  2. Anonymous Says:
    Sounds like a good day of fishing! If you know of any good places to go, we should hit it up. I'm curious to know what you used to catch those fish, my lures don't seem to be doing the trick :-P

    Good luck on the next interview!