Class Updates For Spring 2007

Topology: Dropped. I got a 6 on the first exam (I was hella sick, professor said that I could take a retake so I left early (hence the 6) - but then I go up to him to get a retake and he says that he doesn't think it'll make a difference, go figure. I dropped the class which means no graduation for me this semester. Sigh. How do I break THAT to the rents...)

Topics in Applied Algebra: B-ish. I participate in class, got a B on the first midterm, and 90+ on each of the 3 Matlab projects. All in all, doing really well.

Probability Theory: I got about a D+/C on the first exam. Not what I was looking for, but I'll take it. I've been doing really well on the quizzes (8 or higher out of 10) so right now it looks like I'll get a C in this class. We'll see how the 2nd midterm goes.

Numerical Analysis: D+ on the first exam (:( ) and 100 100 85 for the homeworks. So right now, D+ or C grade for this class.

Linear Optimization: D+ on the first exam and 70 50 for the homeworks. This class is not going well. Ugh.

So in short, all my exams after topology have been horrible. I'm having a miserable semester. Work isn't even a haven anymore. I just don't know what to do with myself anymore - nothing I've tried so far has worked... I'm about ready to give up... Ugh...

More later... for now I'm gonna try and work on the linear optimization homework...


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