Status Report

So far so good this semester... I got promoted at work (woohoo!) and classes are going well... We'll see, I may just graduate this year. That'd be sooooooooo sweet.

I've been thinking about going back for an ITI degree (Information Technology/Informatics) after graduating - but part of me just wants to move on and get away from the 'wonders' of college life.

It's another February, and I'm prolly gonna be doing nothing for Valentine's Day again. It makes me kinda sad but at the same time, I'm almost used to it. That's horrible in many ways. So if you're single (and a girl!) then get in touch. At least we can be single together. Or something crazy like that. :)

I've resubscribed to WoW (Burning Crusade yay!) but I'm managing to keep a good balance between classes, work, and games. I'm concentrating so much on classes but sometimes it feels moot - the material we're doing is either hit or miss. Either you get it, or you don't. >_<

We'll see.

Stay tuned!


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