Winter Break... Amongst other things.

Winter break is almost over. :(

Soon I'll be back to boring classes and boring work, and basically lots of boredom.

Winter break was crap, except for the time I spent at home. It was really nice being home for a change...

All the plans that I had for winter break basically fell apart - so the time I was supposed to spend relaxing with friends was spent instead at work. Blah blah blah money, I don't give a shit. I wanted to see my friends. That's all...

I just bought my books for this semesters classes - they didn't set me back too much. I've opted to not ask my 'rents for the cash for a change. It means being set back a little in plans, but hey - not like I have anything important to spend money on anyways.

Even though Burning Crusade is coming out in like a week and a half, I decided I'm quitting WoW. I'm getting bored of it. To that end I feel like i'm getting bored of computers in general. It seems to be a side effect of working with them all day.

Maybe I'm depressed or something, but the cold, gloomy weather lately combined with missing friends, being worried about other friends, and being envious of others is starting to affect me. I'm starting to trip, I'm losin' my grip. I'm in this thing alone. For the first time, it feels like I'm really alone. It's terribly depressing. I know my family is always around, but some things you just can't get from family. Ya know?

I got promoted to Lab Supervisor at work. woohoo. Am I ready for it? I dunno. Am I gonna give it a shot? You bet.

I dunno what else to say really. 2.5 hours left of work; I'm bored and sleepy. The propsect of walking back to my apartment at 5:30 (30 minute bus ride to College Ave from Livingston during winter break) seem too inviting. Maybe I'll go with Xander to the 'Rail tonight and get slammed since I don't work tomorrow. It'd be a nice change. We'll see.

Well after writing all that, I feel a bit better. So I think I'm gonna head out on a high note and wish everyone a happy, healthy New Years.

Punching out.


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