I turned 23 yesterday; what an immensely scary thought that is. And with the exception of getting completely roasted at dinner (damn you Dan and Xander! I'll get you back yet! >_< !) it was a good day. I'll be the first to admit I skipped my 5:35-6:55 class on Douglass - but you know what, I needed that time. I was sleepy. u_u

However, at the end of the day as I was sitting on the porch talking with Xander about the future, present, and past I decided that I was going to take some time off of school - specifically this semester. I talked it over with my boss and he said that if I were to do so I would continue getting employment until the end of Summer - at which time if I were not a full time student again I would be let go. No big deal there - I was planning on it.

However, the big change when I went to see my academic advisors this afternoon after my 9am meeting - wherein I find out I'm 15 credits away from graduating... ... ... Coincidentally, this is the exact number of credits I'm taking this semester to complete my mathematics degree... ... ... Is this a cruel joke or something? I can't viably attempt to take time off when I'm so close. I'm so very, very close. I can taste it. And ya know what? It tastes good. So in high hopes I set off to the Mathematics Department Advising Office (to be met by a very nasty secretary I might add... What a turn off!) to meet with Dr. Osofsky. I got there at around 11:00am and sat in the chair outside her office until 11:45, when I had to leave to get to my first class of the day. That was kind of upsetting. So I guess this coming tuesday I'll have to go after my 12:00pm class to see her from 2:00-4:00pm, assuming of course she actually gets around to me today.

So with renewed vigor and a brighter outlook on the following week I must apologize to my mom who must have been going crazy wondering what I was talking about in an email I sent to her this morning about "needing to talk to her". I was explicitly going to talk to her about taking a semester off - but now I've been turned off of that because I'm so close. So very, very close.

I'm going to basically request about 25 hours a week instead of 30 at work. I hope the extra 5 hours can be used to do class work. So my saturday shift (10:45-9:00pm x_X) looks to be getting cut down significantly. What a relief...

So... yeah. :) I feel... Invigorated.


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