Twilight Realizations Courtesy Boozes

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When you grow up, you realize that there isn't any Santa, but the monsters are still around. If only they were still big and hairy; now, they're dark and amorphous, and they're no longer afraid of the light. Sometimes they're the guy who climbs in the window and steals your television. Sometimes they're the guy who walks out the front door with your heart in his hand and never comes back. Sometimes they're the job or the bank or the wife or the husband or the boss or that dark, heavy feeling that sits between your shoulder blades like a backpack.

You learn that there are always terrible things waiting to grab you by the ankle, to pull you under, to get you with their long, horrible arms. And you lie in bed and look at the shadows on the ceiling and feel, under the covers, just for a moment, that you're safe. One more day alive.



Resolve To Keep Our Freedom

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As the Glasgow "terrorists" so brilliantly displayed, anybody can be a terrorist. All it takes is a car, a bunch of primitive explosive, flammable material and the motivation to endanger human life.

In my view, after September 11th the United States should have responded by doing one thing: Passing regulations that ensure that the cockpits of passenger aircraft are unable to be accessed from the passenger carrying part of the plane.

That's a proportionate response to the threat.

In reality, the terrorist threat is a several orders of a magnitude less than being killed by heart-disease. It's my view that in any problem solving situation, you should seek to solve the worst problem first and the smallest problem last.

The problem from where I'm sitting is that billions are being spent on a tiny fraction of deaths that occur in our countries. Where are the billions of dollars of funding to research heart-disease treatment, improving car safety, cancer treatments or the plethora of other much more likely ways you'll meet your sticky end?

What makes this irrational reaction so much worse is that we're selling our rights down the river for a false sense of security. If somebody passes me in the street and decides they want to kill me, there is nothing the long-arm of the state can do to stop them. I will likely die and the fact the person who killed me will spend a considerable time in prison is of little solace.

There are enough nut cases in the world to ensure that the chances of being killed in such a fashion are always going to be none zero. We all choose to walk about the street with our heads held high because we're not going to let that threat intimidate us. So why are we being intimidated by nutters who want to kill not just one person but quite a few of us?

It reminds me of the story of an elderly women in Warrington interviewed just after the IRA bomb detonated there, killing a young boy. The reporter asked why she was still shopping despite a bomb going off and she defiantly replied: "The Germans didn't stop me shopping so the Irish certainly won't."

Defiance is not giving away your freedom. Defiance is refusing to give away your freedom even if you life is at risk. We only need to look at those brave monks in Burma a few weeks ago to see what real defiance looks like. We've lost our back-bone and passed all sorts of onerous laws because we're afraid. We're pathetic and afraid.

When are we going to stand up and say - "To hell with stupid incompetent security. I want my freedom and I want it now."



One Senator Takes a Stand

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Chris Dodd, a senator and 2008 Presedential Candidate Hopeful took a stand against one of the articles I posted last night, the Telecomm. Immunity Act.

It is a little known fact that any act that enters the Senate gets voted on TWICE.

The first vote MUST be unanimous, it is a vote to do the real vote. If even one Senator says no, then the bill cannot move forward.
The second vote must be 50%+1 (if Veto'd by the president, then it must be a greater percentage).

Dodd has taken a moral and constitutional stand against the Telecomm. Immunity Act by saying he will NOT vote for it to be voted through. As such, the act will not be able to be voted on by the Senate, and will never make it through.

I commend Senator Dodd on his committment to the constitution and to American Liberties and Rights.

Articles for you all to read:
Dodd Places Hold
Daily Kos: State Of The Nation
Senator Chris Dodd Will Put A Hold On Telecom Immunity Bill

I urge all people to thank Senator Dodd through either a monetary donation to his Presidential Campaign, or through a phone call or letter. Failing this, at least leave feedback on his website.


In The News Today

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In the news today...
Telecommunications Companies Granted Immunity For Illegal Wiretapping ... In what can only be called a non-stunning turn of events, the Senate has agreed to give Telecommunications Companies immunity from constitutional clauses that prevent you from being spied on without cause. I am not talking about wire taps with Warrants (I am all for those). I instead speak of the following: FBI comes to phone company, says we want to hear what you're saying, phone company gives them access (for no reason, other than they wanted it). I do not understand how this is not a clear violation of our constitutional rights. Oh wait, I get it now. The Bill of Rights is no longer law. It is a "guideline" to be "interpreted" just like the Constitution. *rubs his temples* And don't give me this "If you have nothing to hide" bullshit. I am a legal citizen of the United States of America, the Constitution and Bill of Rights is there to defend my rights to freedom and privacy. Period. This is clearly a case of corruption and it angers me to no end.

The Daily Targum printed an article today surrounding the NJ Treasury Department scandal - 6 treasury members were caught taking gifts and kickbacks from un-named individuals, totaling over 65,000$. I will post a link as soon as I get it. The one quote that really struck me was this: "That's because the judge found that while there was evidence that the Treasury officials violated the department's code of ethics, such a violation alone is not a basis for a charge of official misconduct." So in short, they violated the code of ethics (read: they violated the law) but not enough to warrant any action from being taken. So in short, breaking the law is not breaking the law in the eyes of this judge. I wonder how much of that 65,000$ they had to give him to get him to back off.


I leave you, my dear readers, with this one thought.

There are 4 boxes to use in the defense of liberty. Soap, Ballot, Jury, Ammo. Use them in that order.

-M, out.


Rutgers Pisses Me Off.

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Rutgers plays Florida State today. I don't know when exactly, but I they've already closed off a bunch of roads, parking lots, etc in preparation. In short, there are still classes today, but you'll have a bitch of a time getting to them. Also, your class may be cancelled by your professor. Mine wasn't. I'm just curious, what kind of image does this send to prospective students? "We don't care about Academics - cuz all people really are here for is sports". I just want to get to class god damnit. I don't care what people say. The money we're spending on a stadium could be much better appropriated towards classes that have been cut. What the hell kind of message is the state saying about education? Again, it's obvious they just don't care about academics. Sports is not the appropriate way to attract people to the school. All we'll end up with is more jock idiots, dragging the university down further. We need to show support for academics - that's the only way to make things work properly again.

Fucking Rutgers.


Bastard Professors

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Attention: Math department professors.

Do NOT assign homework on Friday that is due on Monday. Especially if more than 25% of the problems are "prove" or "show" instead of calculation. They're just NOT going to get done. Besides the fact that most people check on Wednesday before class and see that there is no homework posted and therefore there wouldn't be any homework posted after that day.

We do have other things to do with our time - and we will not chane our plans last minute to accomodate your ridiculous lesson plans.

That is all.


Fishing Yay! Targum Interview Yay x2!

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Today Dan, his dad, and myself went fishing down near Seaside and Toms River. Probably the best fishing I've done in a long time. ^_^

I caught:
19", 3 pound Weakfish
7 small Snapper-Blues (a variety of Kingfish supposedly)
3 NJ Blue Crab

All in all, a very productive day. :)

Images are available here. (Congrats to Dan for thinking up the most weird and slightly disgusting way to take a picture of caught fish: hooking them on your fingers through the gills to the mouth. My fingers stiil feel weird. :P

Thanks for the fun guys, hope to join ya out there again sometime soon. ^_^


On another note, the lady from Targum Publishing called today for the interview we were supposed to have. It seems to have gone pretty well, though it was mostly a "get to know your personality" interview. I have a technical interview coming up again Monday at 7:00pm. So wish me luck on that and I might just end up with a brand new shiny job. :)

-M, punching out.


Completely Dissatisfied

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Completely Dissatisfied
An open letter to the Rutgers Bookstore at the Ferren Mall.

Let me preclude this by saying that I have shopped at Efollet and the Rutgers Bookstore for three and a half years, dutifully paying the outrageous prices for resold, used, and new books.

I walked into the Rutgers Bookstore at Penn Plaza (the Ferren Mall) this morning to go check out my books, price them out, etc. I walk downstairs to the books aisle and notice that the aisles are completely partitioned off – there is no way to get to the books. I read the sign that is posted on the partitions and it notifies me that we must speak to a representative to get our books. This has not been how it works in all the years of shopping at this store. A seller asks me if I need any assistance. I reply, stating that I would like to price out my books. He says that if I go to the website I can get the prices. I reply, saying that the website doesn’t have the ISBN numbers for the books (it never has, I wonder why that is…). He finally replies, saying that they’ve never given out ISBN numbers and that it was not allowed for people to come in and get them themselves. What a joke. The last two semesters I went down there and wrote down the ISBN’s for the books I needed - because it’s the only reliable method of finding the book you want. I then proceed to exit the store and the clerk calls me back to ask where I’m going. I reply that I’m leaving because I’m not going to pay the ridiculous prices. He replies with disinformation and blatant lies, telling me that the only place I can get my books is from this bookstore.

I am simply outraged by your store policies and employees. It’s bad enough that you won’t list or give out the ISBN numbers for the books, but then to have your employees blatantly lie about being the only place in town to get books. Normally I buy several things from the bookstores (no longer textbooks though) to support them since they’re generally good stores. However, I will no longer step into, endorse, or otherwise promote your horrible store. I will never buy a single notebook, pen, hat, or other Rutgers Merchandise from your store. And you can bet that the people I know will hear my outrage and respond in kind. You’re running a racket here – trying to force students into paying large amounts of money for books that would be dirt cheap if you weren’t a bunch of profiteering gluttons.

I am disgusted, and will advise all people I know, work with, and meet to avoid your store. Suffice it to say there will be many postings throughout campus to make light of this situation, AND provide alternatives to your monopoly of information.

Good day.

-Michael Santangelo

And for those of you who do not know the 'tricks of the trade' so to speak, here's what you do.

1) Go to the Efollett website and find out the names and revisions of the book.
2) Confirm this information with the dept. of the class you are taking. They may even give you the ISBN number - since they DO have them.
3) Go to and buy your books from other students who are selling them at significantly lower rates. BE SURE TO CHECK THE REVISION BEFORE PURCHASING!


Mornings In New Brunswick, NJ

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It's 6:15am. The sun is up. It started to go up around 5:30.

It's kind of funny. I've lived in this apartment for a year, but I've never stayed up this late of my own free will... I sat out on the steps and watched the sun rise. It was relaxing.

It's strange. New Brunswick is completely different at this hour of the morning.

No hustle, no bustle. Just.. serenity.

The air smells clean and crisp... The birds are chirping. For the first time in a very long time, I feel... at peace. I sat out front for a good hour. Just drawing. Doodling. Can you even imagine? Sitting out front with a pad and pen in a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts? What a morning.

I don't know why I'm still awake. I guess I'm just restless. I cleaned the entire kitchen out of sheer boredom. I guess I could start tidying up now? I think I'm gonna wait, just because my back hurts.

Sleep hasn't been coming easy at all as of late. My mind is restless. Something is missing but I haven't figured out what it is.

Ahh well. Such is the bread of an everyday life. From mornin' til' noon, to the shadowless night.

New Brunswick, shine your sun on me, and make it all ok.



Random Thoughts...

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From midnight or later...

Mathematicians are a friendly, atheistic, hard-working, beer-drinking, lot whose minds are preoccupied with sex, chess, and baseball when they are not preoccupied with math and science.

So very very true. :o


Blizzard Announces...

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Blizzard Announced yesterday, 5/19/2007, at a Starcraft Tournament in Korea...

The next iteration of the best selling RTS game ever created...

Starcraft 2.

There is nothing I can say about this game. Go to the website. Look.

Watch the trailers.

Oggle the art.

Prepare to sell your firstborn to Blizzard.

Whatever is necessary.

Just be ready.


Best Staff Ever

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Tonight I got to go out for dinner and drinks with the best staff ever.

Melissa Malana, Cody Burke, Aaron Richton (who I met for the first time tonight haha), Jason Siggins and Tracy Clough. All who was missing was the Dan Man. The bum. :(

It was a great night. :) Stage Left has GREAT food - it was awesome. Beyond words actually. Then we went to Clydz for drinks (...lots of drinks ^_^;).

Tracy graduamificated, so this is the last time I'll see her for god only knows how long. That makes me sad. :(

I still want to go to College Ave - I'm gonna have to work my boss over. It's time for me to decide what's best for ME, not for the rest of the world. I think Tracy helped me understand that. Jay too.

So, to the best people I have ever worked with, I say:

Thank you for the good times once again.
Thank you for the smiles.
Thank you for everything.

It's a rare thing to make connections at a part-time college job, but I really hope these people don't ever just fade out and disappear.

So on that note, I am going to bed.

<3 to them all.

---Lyrics Begin---
In this farewell,
There is no blood,
There is no alibi,
Cause I’ve drawn regret,
From the truth,
Of a thousands lies,
So let mercy come and wash away…

What I’ve Done,
I’ll face myself,
To cross out what I’ve become,
Erase myself,
And let go of what I’ve done…

Put to rest,
What you thought of me
While, I clean this slate,
With the hands,
Of uncertainty,
So let mercy come,
And wash away…

What I’ve Done,
I’ll face myself,
To cross out what I’ve become,
Erase myself,
And let go of what I’ve done…

For what I’ve done,
I start again,
And whatever pain may come,
Today this ends,
I’m forgiving what I’ve done…

I’ll face myself,
To cross out what I’ve become,
Erase myself,
And let go of what I’ve done…


What I’ve Done,
What I’ve Done,
Forgiving what I’ve done…
---Lyrics Finish---
Artist: Linkin Park
Album: Minutes To Midnight
Song: What I've Done


Requiem For A Dream

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A cool song I found. :D


Status Update

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Well the semester is boiling down, and here's how things look as it stands:

Topics in Applied Algebra: Assured B or maybe even an A (I got an A on the 2nd midterm combined with 80% on the quizzes and 140/150 points on the MATLAB assignments).

Probability and Statistics: C if I am lucky! I am recovering from the miserable first exam performance and have a firm grasp on most of the important topics.

Numerical Analysis: C+ if I am lucky. I did wonderfully on the homeworks and have a strong understanding of the later materials. All that I need to do is score a C on the final, a cake walk.

Linear Optimization: D/C - depending on Final Performance.

So I ask for wishes of good luck this exam time - I will need it.

Last weekend was very cool. Dan and his brother needed help with a gun match down in East Brunswick - so I spent the day ferrying information around for the NJ State IDPA championship match. The IDPA is the International Defensive Pistol Association. It was a great time and I got a day's worth of food for free (^_^).

This coming weekend is the CCF-All picnic that many people have been looking forward to - I hope the rain holds off.

Yesterday was RutgersFest - which was supremely disappointing from what I hear. So instead of people hanging around there they basically flocked to college ave and made a mess out of everything. Fun fun fun.

My steps STILL aren't fixed. Crash. A car crashed into my steps early in April. Joe is working on it but things are going slow (since there is minor structural damage).

I'm stuck at work til 4 dealing with the idiots from Upward Bound. They have a LOT of nerve. It's not my fault that the people who ran the show last month didn't return the sheet with their login information - don't take it out on me. I wish we could just tell them to bugger off already.

And with that I'll leave you with a song.
Artist: Flogging Molly
Album: Drunken Lullabies
Song: Another Bag of Bricks

---Lyrics Begin---
T'was in the early evenin'
Near the presence of the moon
You told me you would meet me here
Well now is not too soon
This dagger twisting in my back
Tells me I never should
Have trusted everything to fall
From beggar to the fool
I see your face like every race
A serpent with two arms
Devouring me while rains the sun
With dreams in foreign lands
This cold dark tormented hell
Is all I'll ever know
So when you get to heaven
May the devil be the judge
With another bag of bricks

I scratch your name across these walls
And with my blood turns red
Then drips upon my killing floor
Where I now call my bed
No precious light to harbor
Like so many here before
Now breathes a thousand more
With another bag of bricks

Temper filled with blindness
Leads this lost and lonely man
Dragged around your whipping tree
A scourge you can`t command
So ya deafen me with silence
Drown me with your roar
Scowl me with your hollow eyes
Still burnin' to the core
No door will go unanswerd
Like so many closed before
No vagabond to knock upon
This tired and beatin' war
When all return to exile
Free from all once bound
Decline and brawl old parasites
The truth will yet be found
With another bag of bricks

This cold dark tormented hell
Is all I'll ever know
So when you get to heaven
May the devil be the judge

Temper filled with blindness
Leads this lost and lonely man
Dragged around your whipping tree
A scourge you can't command
So deafen me with silence
Drown me with your roar
Scowl me with your hollow eyes
Still burnin' to the core
No door will go unanswerd
Like so many closed before
No vagabond to knock upon
This tired and beatin` war
When all return to exile
Free from all once bound
Decline and brawl old parasites
The truth will yet be found

With another bag of bricks
With another bag of bricks
With another bag of bricks
With another bag of bricks

---- Lyrics End----

-M, punching out.


Class Updates For Spring 2007

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Topology: Dropped. I got a 6 on the first exam (I was hella sick, professor said that I could take a retake so I left early (hence the 6) - but then I go up to him to get a retake and he says that he doesn't think it'll make a difference, go figure. I dropped the class which means no graduation for me this semester. Sigh. How do I break THAT to the rents...)

Topics in Applied Algebra: B-ish. I participate in class, got a B on the first midterm, and 90+ on each of the 3 Matlab projects. All in all, doing really well.

Probability Theory: I got about a D+/C on the first exam. Not what I was looking for, but I'll take it. I've been doing really well on the quizzes (8 or higher out of 10) so right now it looks like I'll get a C in this class. We'll see how the 2nd midterm goes.

Numerical Analysis: D+ on the first exam (:( ) and 100 100 85 for the homeworks. So right now, D+ or C grade for this class.

Linear Optimization: D+ on the first exam and 70 50 for the homeworks. This class is not going well. Ugh.

So in short, all my exams after topology have been horrible. I'm having a miserable semester. Work isn't even a haven anymore. I just don't know what to do with myself anymore - nothing I've tried so far has worked... I'm about ready to give up... Ugh...

More later... for now I'm gonna try and work on the linear optimization homework...


Rutgers Passes Unconstitutional Constitution

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Link: (if it asks for an email address, or

So please tell me, how is it possible for a group of "intellectual" students to pass a constitution based on some individuals getting multiple votes based on school, professional schools, or student groups. In short: Asian Engineer living on Busch would get about 3 votes. Me, as a white Math student living on Livingston gets 1 vote.

What is so hard to understand here? This is WRONG. Period! I am so glad I'll be out of here in a year... Things are going to hell and back.

IDIOTS! Fucking idiots! They'll all get what they deserve. If you honestly expect people who are getting advantages to vote for the greater good of all people then you're an idiot too. People who suddenly get more votes will use said votes to improve their position. UGH!


Status Report

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So far so good this semester... I got promoted at work (woohoo!) and classes are going well... We'll see, I may just graduate this year. That'd be sooooooooo sweet.

I've been thinking about going back for an ITI degree (Information Technology/Informatics) after graduating - but part of me just wants to move on and get away from the 'wonders' of college life.

It's another February, and I'm prolly gonna be doing nothing for Valentine's Day again. It makes me kinda sad but at the same time, I'm almost used to it. That's horrible in many ways. So if you're single (and a girl!) then get in touch. At least we can be single together. Or something crazy like that. :)

I've resubscribed to WoW (Burning Crusade yay!) but I'm managing to keep a good balance between classes, work, and games. I'm concentrating so much on classes but sometimes it feels moot - the material we're doing is either hit or miss. Either you get it, or you don't. >_<

We'll see.

Stay tuned!



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I turned 23 yesterday; what an immensely scary thought that is. And with the exception of getting completely roasted at dinner (damn you Dan and Xander! I'll get you back yet! >_< !) it was a good day. I'll be the first to admit I skipped my 5:35-6:55 class on Douglass - but you know what, I needed that time. I was sleepy. u_u

However, at the end of the day as I was sitting on the porch talking with Xander about the future, present, and past I decided that I was going to take some time off of school - specifically this semester. I talked it over with my boss and he said that if I were to do so I would continue getting employment until the end of Summer - at which time if I were not a full time student again I would be let go. No big deal there - I was planning on it.

However, the big change when I went to see my academic advisors this afternoon after my 9am meeting - wherein I find out I'm 15 credits away from graduating... ... ... Coincidentally, this is the exact number of credits I'm taking this semester to complete my mathematics degree... ... ... Is this a cruel joke or something? I can't viably attempt to take time off when I'm so close. I'm so very, very close. I can taste it. And ya know what? It tastes good. So in high hopes I set off to the Mathematics Department Advising Office (to be met by a very nasty secretary I might add... What a turn off!) to meet with Dr. Osofsky. I got there at around 11:00am and sat in the chair outside her office until 11:45, when I had to leave to get to my first class of the day. That was kind of upsetting. So I guess this coming tuesday I'll have to go after my 12:00pm class to see her from 2:00-4:00pm, assuming of course she actually gets around to me today.

So with renewed vigor and a brighter outlook on the following week I must apologize to my mom who must have been going crazy wondering what I was talking about in an email I sent to her this morning about "needing to talk to her". I was explicitly going to talk to her about taking a semester off - but now I've been turned off of that because I'm so close. So very, very close.

I'm going to basically request about 25 hours a week instead of 30 at work. I hope the extra 5 hours can be used to do class work. So my saturday shift (10:45-9:00pm x_X) looks to be getting cut down significantly. What a relief...

So... yeah. :) I feel... Invigorated.


Spring 2007 Schedule

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is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Click the post title or here.

Updated Feb 11th, 2007.

That is all.


Grades... And a Song.

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Set Theory: C
Theory of Numbers: C+
Advanced Calculus: C

So in short...
I passed all my classes! WOOHOO! HUZZAH!

Set Theory is a real surprise. I literally failed both midterms. I got a 55 on the first one and a 62 on the second. Which means I must've blown the final out of the water with at least an 85 - I'm just in awe.


Song Of The Moment
Artist: Billy Joel
Song: Just the Way You Are

---Lyrics Begin---
Don't go changing, to try and please me
You never let me down before
Don't imagine you're too familiar
And I don't see you anymore
I wouldn't leave you in times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times, I'll take the bad times
I'll take you just the way you are

Don't go trying some new fashion
Don't change the color of your hair
You always have my unspoken passion
Although I might not seem to care

I don't want clever conversation
I never want to work that hard
I just want someone that I can talk to
I want you just the way you are.

I need to know that you will always be
The same old someone that I knew
What will it take till you believe in me
The way that I believe in you.

I said I love you and that's forever
And this I promise from the heart
I could not love you any better
I love you just the way you are.

---Lyrics End---


Winter Break... Amongst other things.

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Winter break is almost over. :(

Soon I'll be back to boring classes and boring work, and basically lots of boredom.

Winter break was crap, except for the time I spent at home. It was really nice being home for a change...

All the plans that I had for winter break basically fell apart - so the time I was supposed to spend relaxing with friends was spent instead at work. Blah blah blah money, I don't give a shit. I wanted to see my friends. That's all...

I just bought my books for this semesters classes - they didn't set me back too much. I've opted to not ask my 'rents for the cash for a change. It means being set back a little in plans, but hey - not like I have anything important to spend money on anyways.

Even though Burning Crusade is coming out in like a week and a half, I decided I'm quitting WoW. I'm getting bored of it. To that end I feel like i'm getting bored of computers in general. It seems to be a side effect of working with them all day.

Maybe I'm depressed or something, but the cold, gloomy weather lately combined with missing friends, being worried about other friends, and being envious of others is starting to affect me. I'm starting to trip, I'm losin' my grip. I'm in this thing alone. For the first time, it feels like I'm really alone. It's terribly depressing. I know my family is always around, but some things you just can't get from family. Ya know?

I got promoted to Lab Supervisor at work. woohoo. Am I ready for it? I dunno. Am I gonna give it a shot? You bet.

I dunno what else to say really. 2.5 hours left of work; I'm bored and sleepy. The propsect of walking back to my apartment at 5:30 (30 minute bus ride to College Ave from Livingston during winter break) seem too inviting. Maybe I'll go with Xander to the 'Rail tonight and get slammed since I don't work tomorrow. It'd be a nice change. We'll see.

Well after writing all that, I feel a bit better. So I think I'm gonna head out on a high note and wish everyone a happy, healthy New Years.

Punching out.


Song of the Moment

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Artist: Santana
Album: Supernatural
Song: Maria, Maria

Reason: This is for Maria, a fellow gamer that we from the guild Plenary Induglence on Lothar - Alliance wish the best since we haven't heard from her in a while. Here's hopin' you're ok Maria. <3.

---Lyrics Begin---

Ladies and gents
Turn up your sound system to the
sound of carlos santana and the GMB
Ghetto people- from the Refugee Gang

Oh Maria Maria...
She reminds me of a west side story
Growing up in Spanish Harlem...
She's living the life just like a movie star

Oh Maria Maria
She fell in love in East L.A.
To the sounds of the guitar, yeah, yeah
Played by Carlos Santana

Stop the looting, stop the shooting
Pick pocking on the corner
See as the rich is getting richer
The poor is getting poorer

See mi y Maria on the corner
Thinking of ways to make it better
There in my mailbox there's an eviction letter
Somebody just said see you later

Ahora vengo mama chula mama chula
Ahora vengo mama chula (east coast)

Ahora vengo mama chula mama chula
Ahora vengo mama chula (west coast )

Oh Maria Maria...
She reminds me of a west side story
Growing up in Spanish Harlem
She's living the life just like a movie star

Oh... Maria Maria...
She fell in love in East L.A.
To the sounds of the guitar, yeah, yeah
Played by Carlos Santana

I said a la fella los colores
The streets are getting hotter
There is no water to put out the fire
Mi cosa la esperanza

Se mira Maria on the corner
Thinking of ways to make it better
Then I looked up in the sky
Hoping of days of paradise

Ahora vengo mama chula mama chula
Ahora vengo mama chula (north side)

Ahora vengo mama chula mama chula
Ahora vengo mama chula
(south side)

Ahora vengo mama chula mama chula
Ahora vengo mama chula ( world wide)

Ahora vengo mama chula mama chula
Ahora vengo mama chula ( open up ur eyes )

Maria you know you're my lover
When the wind blows I can feel you
Through the weather and even when we're apart
It still feels like we're together
She reminds me of a west side story
Growing up in Spanish Harlem
She's living the life just like a movie star

oh Maria Maria
She fell in love in East L.A.
To the sounds of the guitar, yeah, yeah
Played by Carlos Santana

Puttin them up yo
Carlors Santana with the refuge gang
wite clef jerry my dog Mr santana GMB
yo carlos u play that guitar proud

---Lyrics End---



⊆ 3:11:00 AM by Mike Santangelo | ˜ 0 responses »

A friend of mine was supposed to come visit over winter break.. turns out she won't be able to make it.

This is exactly why I don't get my hopes up for anything - cuz more often than not any plans I make fall apart before they even get off the ground.

You know what?

I give the fuck up.