UCLA Tasering Video


So yeah.

Guy gets singled out at a lab.
Police get involved.
Guy walks out (angrily, but peacefully, not causing any angst or anything supposedly).
Guy gets armed grabbed.
Guy flips out.
Guy gets tased. (I have no problem with that, as they resisted officers which is wrong).
Guy screams, causing disturbance, and does not comply.
Guy gets tased again. (Again, no problem, noncompliance = tased).
Guy gets to his feet and walks out with police, protesting actions.
Guy gets tased. Again. UNACCEPTABLE. He was compliant again. He nearly flies onto his head and lands smack on the ground.
Supposedly he was tased twice more. Ridiculous.

At the end you hear a cop tell a person asking for badge #s that if he doesn't back off he'll get tased. It's ridiculous.

Jesus Christ.


1 Response to UCLA Tasering Video

  1. Dan Says:
    Wow, and all I noticed is how UCLA uses the same POS Xerox printers that we do at Rutgers. :-P