A Rant.

Ok, from the top folks!

bobandgeorge.com is a comic I've been reading since ... ... ... Freshman year of highschool. It's ending. I'm a sad panda.

I miss Alissa and want to go see her BADLY. This is not fair. Blargh.

Classes are... going... I think I'm passing but part of me says I'm not - and it terrifies me...

Rutgers Students are elitist. VERY elitist. Espicially in the Math dept. In Set Theory Today, this guy was going on and on about these two people on the bus talking about how they were 3rd and 6th ranked in their Highschool Graduating year in classes of over 600 people. To this guy it sounded like it was absolutely meaningless. It's something to be proud of damnit, and you have no right to belittle their accomplishments!

Also, Rutgers professors, while generally apolitical, at least during class, seem to be becoming more and more vocal about politics - something I don't think they should be doing. Today before class I heard a professor as he was leaving say something along the lines of "Serves those Republicans right for loosing the House and Senate". Granted I am no Republican, but I find this ridiculously stupid. Republicans and Democrats are all alike anyways, a bunch of liars, cheats, and crooks.

Rutgers is ranked 6th in the Country now. HURRAY! But we still get no regard from the football world. I overheard on Sunday from the Fox "OT" crew that they don't think that Rutgers deserves to get to first or second in the country, even though we definetly can hold our own in ranked play. What do we have to do to get some respect around here? FFS.

Rain. I did my laundry this morning and was all fresh and clean clean. The weather held out just long enough for me to leave this morning and as I walked out the door *WOOSH* rain like buckets. It's infuriating.

JCPenny. I bought a NICE jacket from JCPenny (link) which I was going to get for 54$. Sweet deal considering it's 120$. I ordered a XXL since thats the only appropriate size for me to remain comfy. I received an XL. I am going through the returns process for an exchange and I just know that they're going to charge me the non-sale price of almost 65$. What a fucking rip off.

RIAA President Decries Fair Use (http://rss.slashdot.org/~r/Slashdot/slashdot/~3/48896235/article.pl). Of course he does. Fair Use means people can't charge someone money for the use of a clip, or bits and pieces of works. Non Fair Use means everyone pays for either every bit used or the entire work. Way to pad your own pockets.

_I_ however am doing just fine...Things are going well, if money is a little tight though (I spent a good amount of money on Thursday for game day prep =0). All in all though, I am recovering well from what was a bad week prior to this one.

Thanks for listening.


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