Quebec Bans Electronic Voting

User A: "The problem is not the banning of e-vote. Believing itself above the system, Quebec completely misses the notion of democracy, as much as aristocrats continue to cling to dwindling legacies in the 21st century."

User B: "Please explain how banning a voting system that so far has demonstrated countless flaws is bad for democracy? I am very happy my government took this stance. Last elections there were quite a few close races between representatives, some as close as about 50 votes. If this buggy electronic vote would tip the balance of power from a party to another, it is unfair and bad for democracy. Bug today is an exploit/abuse tommorow. Voting has to be transparent, accurate and there needs to be a paper trail.

Oh and, Quebec is one of the very rare provinces/states/territories in North America that is running serious studies about having a proportional representation modeled election and parliament. Something that could eliminate the "cartel" of a 2-3 party system we see throughout North America. Something good for every individual instead of a few partisans of selected parties. But yes, Quebec misses the notion of democracy!

I don't think the word "democracy" means what you think it means."


My thoughts:

Anything that makes people have to be accountable for their actions and leaves a method for the masses to know the exact details of what occured is good for a nation and as such will never see the light of day in the United States.

We have had two seemingly close races for the Presidency in two years with these electronic voting machines - with no trail to actually check the votes. Is this acceptable to anyone? If you raised your hand, please look in the mirror: You might be an idiot.

Proportional representation, as discussed by User B above is the only real solution available to us as a country. It would prevent Party A from making decisions based solely on what they want (and creating policy for the nation as a whole based on the decisions of a few politicians is just stupid).

I for one, am glad that Quebec is standing up for something right.

That is all.


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