This Week Blows Monkey Chunks.

So let us recap.

- My bicyle was stolen.
- I'm dirt ass broke for the next week.
- My payraise at CCF-Livingston has been mothballed permanently, at least until next year.
- My project idea (The Customer Service Statistics Web Form), which some may remember me talking about, was summarily given a "Meh.". So basically, it's being ignored completely with no regard for even the amount of time or effort I put into it.$
- Because my boss thinks she told me to stop working on this project (though no ability to show me when/where she asked me to) I'll prolly get a lecture about doing things her way.
- The shoes I bought at fell apart after wearing them twice. I sent them back to shoebuy and complained and they essentially said "Tough shit."
- I'm STILL single, even after a decent attempt at starting a relationship with someone.
- I'm having dreams about people I should not be having dreams about, and they're beginning to push the limits of my sanity.
- I'm beginning to hate working at CCF-Livingston (after enjoying my job at Milltown so much) that I'm to the point of looking for a new job. However, no decent places near me are offering part time jobs that can afford me the money I need for rent/utilities.
- There are 3 weeks left in summer. I am working almost every day of every week.
- I haven't had a vacation in the first summer in ... 22 years, again pushing the limits of my sanity.

So. In short.

Life is hitting a low point.

Good game.
-M, out.


1 Response to This Week Blows Monkey Chunks.

  1. Mike S. Says:
    As for the dreams, I'll let you in on it.

    Imagine the first relationship you ever had with the first person that you thought might be it, the one whom you would always see yourself with from that point on...

    Now imagine going to sleep at night, and reliving every moment of the first time you met them, the enamoration, the rush, the thrill, the joy, all these positive emotions. Then moving on to the first moment you realized that they might be the one. Then moving on to the first time you ever kissed/embraced. Then moving on to the moment where you promised to dedicate yourself only to them (think marriage, not pathetic teenage melodrama). Then dreaming of the day you were going to marry them, and suddenly waking up *Blam!* cold sweat, alone in your room, dead silence.

    Imagine going to sleep every night and having that same dream, in 100% clarity, no details missing. Practically reliving it every night with the same result.

    It's... too much...