Ok people.

Things may seem like they're funny.

But they aren't.

Blaming me for shit that happens just because I happen to be around PISSES ME OFF. Ex: Dan got a new cable tester yesterday and brought it in for me to check out. It was cool, to be sure. I took out the loopback tester (it slides off) and then I hear a clang on the ground - the nut that is used for the Cable Line tester popped off. Immediatly it got blamed on me even though I hadn't touched that part of the unit. I mean w-t-f, how is it even remotely my fault? And what's worse is that he continued to insist on it being my fault. -_- Whatever.

Next, arguing with me about something that you haven't worked with also pisses me off. Ex: Dan again, arguing to me about why my printer doesn't work natively in Windows XP x64 edition. He claims it's because of the USB driver. WRONG. NECHT! It's because HP is lazy and hasn't released an updated driver. GRRRR.

In any case...



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