First Day @ Milltown

Today was my first day at the new Milltown job with Dan.

First impressions? Bureaucracy runs deep, whenever the Government is involved with something. Tech's are loved when things work properly and hated if they aren't around to fix something, yet considered God's-among-men if they're around to fix something (and manage to fix it!).

We arrived at JK (Joyce-Kilmer School) at 8:00am (a feat unto itself!) and entered to find Beth (who is really on the level – a smart, down-to-earth, get-the-work-done kinda person – something I really respect) working at her desk, having just arrived a few moments before us.

First things first: I got a two-guide tour of the entire school by Dan and Beth. The school was completely empty save for the office room and the janitorial/custodian staff. I saw where the fun began, the server room, all the class rooms that we'd be working on, and so on and so forth.

Then we went to PV, or Parkview School to get a tour and hopefully get clearance to get some work done vis-a-vis buying some RJ45/CAT-5e LAN Wall Plates and to our surprise we can't get it. We need to go through the Purchase Order system (which takes time, days, etc) or get (I think...) Michael (not me, another Michael) to bring down his Home Depot card (which was supposed to be here today – but surprise surprise he forgot he had a seminar today and disappeared – we could not get in touch with him to pick it up). So long story short, we couldn't get in touch with him, so we couldn't wire the panels. Good game.

So Dan and I proceed to wire up the Patch Panels using a CAT5e Punch Down which I have never done before (and was gladly instructed by Dan). Apparently I did OK enough to pass muster via Dan – which made me smile.

However problems soon popped up (as always happens) as we ran out of patch panel to use! There WERE 'open' ports, but they had cables already terminated into them.... GG!

So we ended up using RJ45 Crimp-Connectors with a RJ45 Crimping Tool to make ends to just plug directly into the power-over-ethernet Switch.

Once we finished that, a small 9 cables – which took a few hours, I think maybe 1.5-2 hours, we went back into the lab and began migrating files from the old server \\s1\ to the new server which was conveniently mapped to the Z drive automatically (god bless installation scripting).

Interesting things of note: Teachers use surprisingly easy passwords, much to Dan, Beth, and my concern. Simple words should never be used as passwords. I recommend using at least 3 of the 4 known character classes (lower case, UPPERCASE, Numbers 0123456789, and Symbols !~@#$%^&*()_+~). One even had a password set as profane language... Beth promptly decided that would be changed... She's cool in my book.

Once that was said and done, we proceeded to examine some of the new Dells that the school received, which by and large are very awesome systems. The only issue is that someone left the boxes under the AC over the weekend – so Beth got to come into to find soaked boxes. We found that one machine had been drenched – the Battery inside the system had corroded. We're currently waiting on a Q-Tip and Rubbing alcohol combo to clean up the connectors and battery. We hope for the best as the damage was not severe.

And then it was 3:30 and time to leave. Woot! Signed out for 7.5 hours of work (8:00am-3:30pm) and went home feeling rather satisfied with myself.

Perhaps working at a school as a tech isn't a bad idea at all.

-M, out


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