I'm in debt after moving into my apartment - and I dunno how long it'll take to get out (a month, at least). I ask for some money from the 'rents and I get the "What did I tell you about Credit Cards?" lecture... I didn't ask for a lecture, I asked for some cash! Sheesh.

Also, I'm looking for something to do with my all of ... 3 days of vacation... So ideas are welcome... Please don't mention some tropical island or any place with an amusement park as its main attraction. They're too expensive and just stupid, respectively.

So yeah.

I hate the economy. It's making me poor.

No it's not, it's my own spending habits. Damnit all!

With any luck I'll have a 2nd job that'll allow me to pull my ass outta debt sooner. Thanks Dan, thanks alot man.

And on that same note, a big thanks to Dan for all the help with moving... Specifically, fixing the light in our kitchen, helping me pickup, move, configure, and install a desk, light, and bed, moving my mattress from the store to the apartment, and god knows what else. MANY thanks man.

And with that...
I'm out.


2 Responses to Money...

  1. Dan Says:
    My pleasure buddy.
  2. Dan Says:
    Glad we got the truck jump-started too. Thank god the rain stopped.