In case you haven't noticed...

I'm an airsoft nut. They're great fun, model replicas of things that you would normally never be able to get your hands on.

I'd never want to own a real gun; but an Airsoft full-scale metal replica? You bet your sweet ass I want one of those.

So yeah. This is the current collection: Airsoft Collection

These are the last two items that I need to buy in order to make my collection complete...

The first one is a Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 Super 90 Shotgun, the same model of shotgun used by SWAT teams when entering buildings.
The second one is a Beretta M92 Tactical Pistol, feature something I have on no other gun... Gas blowback! Essentially, this means that when I pull the trigger it uses gas to expel a BB AND recock the chamber for another shot - no more pulling slides back for me!

But yeah. Those two weapons, plus BBs, plus extra shells/mags, plus Gas, plus shipping, comes to JUST short of 400$... Gonna be a while...

Gotta keep it in mind though...

It'll be my present at the end of the summer if I don't take a vacation. :)



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