So let's start from the top with more fun news!

Lemme start out by saying I passed all my classes, I'm prepared to move into my apartment, and all that is going awesomely. *thumbs up* Oh, and Oblivion kicks ass.

Now lets move onto some thumbs down stuff.

I had two prospects that may have resulted in having a half decent summer - Both of them have not only gone *poof* but have just... Ugh!

I find that one has been in a relationship for a longggggg while now - We're talking several months. Go figure.

I find that the other has just / or recently exited a relationship - I dunno when it started, but I dun care since she's not interested at all either way. Winnar is me.

There's a third, but she doesn't really count since there was no chance to begin with (though I recently threw out the question to her and confirmed my suspicions - to my own disheartening).

And before you say "Oh Emm Gee THREE?!?" let me say that none were anything more than friends - but I had definite hope that something coulda came from it.

Where to now?

I dunno really. I was hoping to solidify one into a real relationship. Guess it serves me right.. Or something..

Oh, and I ended up in a fight with an ex-turned-friend whom now I have absolutely no desire to speak with... Just marvelous. Absolutely marvelous/

Whatever... I'm gonna watch Hidden Frontier Season 2 now and pretend that life doesn't suck as much as it does.



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