Ok, calling all women. If you're a guy, please skip over this, it's not about you at all!

Now then... If you're a woman, and can relate to the following description, then please get in touch with me. Ok? Sounds good. AIM is MASantangelo8 - that's the best way to contact me. Comments are not allowed, just message me on AIM.

i. Enjoys gaming, both PC and tabletop. Console gaming isn't real gaming, so don't bother. =)
ii. Enjoys sports, specifically hockey and football.
iii. Smoking is OK, but not smoking is better.
iv. Drinking is also OK, since I do it once in a while.
v. Enjoying the night is a plus - I mean ... *thinks* I like to sit outside in the summer and just chill under the moonlight.
vi. Enjoying the rain is a plus, I love the rain. =)
vii. Beaches are the win. Agree?
viii. Music tastes: Anything for the most part, with a few exceptions. I like to chill in my room and just listen to music.
ix. Good sense of humor is a definite plus. I sometimes get into moods which require cheering up, and jokes and good natured humor always help.
x. Must like me for me, and not try to change me. If you wanna see more, go here (
xi. Thick skin is a plus... I sometimes get very curt, espicially if I have a bad day... =(
xii. Friends always come first. If I have to go take care of something related to my friends, please don't complain, as it'll only make me frustrated.

Um... That's all I can think about... If yer here and seeing this, then you already know about me, and I wanna get to know about you! So message me! I'm not looking for someone with ALL these qualities (there are a lot, I know!) but someone with a few of them would make me smile.