Let’s get right to it then folks. We have a LOT of ground to cover.

I believe myself to be a ... fairly tolerant person, for the most part at least. If you have a good reason for doing what you’re doing or believing what you’re believing I will, for the most part, accept it, tolerate it, possibly even agree with it.

However, there are some things which I _cannot_ and _will not_ stand for.

The subject of this rant is one that I’ve been ranting about to people since the beginning of my semi-senior year at Livingston College. I apologize to my friends for ranting about it so constantly and bringing it up at every random moment. It’s just _that_ annoying. I speak of course of my roommate, who shall remain nameless (for the sake of... well if I put his name up here then if he ever sees it he can bitch about it and probably have it taken down).

So let’s start from the top...
He walks around the room stark ass naked in the morning when he thinks I’m not awake.
He believes that if it’s after 8:00pm that the room should be completely and totally silent.
He expects me to wear headphones and not use voice communication systems because it’s annoying to him.
He expects me to leave the room if I have a friend over instead of getting up and leaving himself (even if my friend and I are trying to accommodate him by being quiet).
He believes his things have a greater value than my things (seen by me having one item of food in the refrigerator and having it removed by him because he need room for his things).
He believes that the only light that should be on in the room is the desk light (I have the overhead light on; he walks in, turns the light off / closes the blinds, then turns on his personal light).
He believes that going to bed at 8:00 on a Friday/Saturday and expecting total quiet is reasonable.
He reports me to the RA for items which are not reportable (listening to music without headphones, for example).
When I am gone for an entire day, leaving the room to himself for that entire time, and I come home he still expects me to keep perfectly quiet.
He expects me to lower the brightness on my monitors at night since he “can’t sleep with all the light”.
For the past two weeks he has been blowing his nose, trying to clear it, when it’s already clear. This results in a heinous, nasal sound of air blowing through an empty and dry tube.
On top of that he coughs and hacks and wheezes in this little girly voice.
The two above this are currently driving me crazy. It’s like nails on a god damn chalkboard and every time he does it I clench my fist and bite my tongue to prevent myself from cursing him out.
He has his mother come to do his laundry, make his bed, and clean his side of the room. And to top it off, he leaves me alone in the room with her while he disappears.
He doesn’t ask for me to do things. He says to do them. Example: “Turn off the sound now” instead of “Please turn the sound down.”

I’m sure there are ... many, many more reasons or things I could add to the list.

And I’m sure I will, eventually.

But for now... I just saw the end of Samurai Champloo and am thoroughly confused... So I’m gonna go lay down, watch the final episode of Trigun, ponder it, and hope to god that I don’t kill him in the last three weeks of school.

I’m reminded of an Eric Clapton song... “Give Me Strength,” which goes a little something like this...
Dear lord, give me strength to carry on.
Dear lord, give me strength to carry on.
My home may be out on the highway,
Lord, I’ve done so much wrong
But please, give me strength to carry on.

Dear lord, give me strength to carry on.
Dear lord, give me strength to carry on.
My home may be out on the highway,
Lord, I’ve done so much wrong
But please, give me strength to carry on.



  1. Mike S. Says:
    Oh hehe and on this note...

    His mum saw me doing my laundry in the dorm the other day and asked me if there was a laundry room in the dorm, to which I said yes, because there is one. She got rather peeved because, guess what? He's been having her come to the dorm to pickup and do his laundry after telling her there are no laundry rooms in the dorm.