Experts Urge New iPod Ear Studies

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So tell me... Why is it that any time something even remotely harmful to the body in even the most insiginificant way is instantly a ginormous cause for concern?

MP3 players have been around for years and years (I had my first one in my Sophmore year of highschool, that would be 7 years ago for you people who don't know). And just now people are coming out saying that they're dangerous because music is too loud.

And because of it there is a class action lawsuit against, who else, Apple, the manufacturer of the very popular iPod series of mp3/video players. How convenient that this 'problem' was just discovered so recently after Apple announced what can only be referred to as record-shattering sales of a product which nets them boatloads of money.

We all know this case is going to win. I mean jeeze, if some woman can win a multi-million dollar lawsuit against McDonalds because of drinking some hot coffee surely its a cake case to prove that Apple was grossely negligent and deliberatly chose to design the iPod to specifically make people go deaf by listening to music at loud volume levels.

This is just another example of the ... brainless... Yes... Brainless is the only word I can come up with at this hour... brainless mindset of the United States public. Instead of ... you know... turning your music down if its too loud, just continue to listen to it at the super-high volume and then sue the manufacturer of the product for not building in volume controlling systems.

And another thing. Who is anyone but MYSELF to decide if my music is too loud? So long as my music isn't bothering other people no corporation or branch of government has the right to say that I need to turn my music down. If I want to listen to 80s hair metal or hard rock at uber volumes that can make my ears bleed that is MY choice and MY choice alone. I mean what are we, French? This is beginning to get ridiculous.

So I ask you all, seriously.

Stop with the stupid lawsuits that make companies wary of bringing new innovation to the technical fields.

You're only making things worse for the rest of us.

And for God's sake, please don't let them take our music away.



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  1. Anonymous Says:
    yeah, and in the spirit of the removal of the super size option (a size of which i, as a healthy and athletic american with a bright future of cholesteral problems, was a fan of), the new ipods will have two volume settings: whisper and mute...