Snow that falls between Satuday evening and Sunday morning is useless snow.

It's snow without a purpose.

I know some of you must be asking, "What are you talking about? Snow is great!" or "What the hell do you mean 'snow without a purpose'?".

Well lets think about this.

What's the one good thing that can come of snow?

Cancelled classes/work.

However! A good portion of the population (I want to say most, but I won't) doesn't work Sunday (Unlike yours truly)...

So for me, snow on a Saturday evening/Sunday morning is without a purpose.

All it does is inconvenience me on my trip to work Sunday morning. It doesn't cancel classes on Monday, it doesn't cause a delayed opening that grants me an extra hour or two of sleep, it doesn't do anything positive for me.

In fact, if I were at home it'd be even more of an inconvenience because I'd probably have to go shovel it too.

So don't expect me to be all "HURRAY SNOW!" today because all it's doing is making my day shit.



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