My Mentality

There are only 4 rules to the universe and life.
1) Everything that happens can be explained as a matter of fact and probability. We may not be able to express or comprehend these facts but that does not mean they do not exist.
2) Luck does not exist. It's all a matter of skill, desire, and drive (read: motivation).
3) The only person you can count on and trust in life is yourself. Period. Yeah, you can have reliable friends but they're not always gonna be able to do what needs to be done.
4) Regrets are the signs of a person whom is not at peace with themself.

Expanding on these 4 rules...

1) Logically speaking, everything follows a system of the following manner. Cause leads to Affect (Effect? I can never remember which)...

I drank 5 beers. I am now drunk. Tommorrow I will have a hangover. Cause and affect (effect).

Plain and simple.

2) I'm tired of people wishing me good luck or any variation on the words good and luck.

Luck is a construct of a mind trying to rationalize why something happened one way when another way was more favorable.

"You won the lottery! You are soooo lucky!"
- No. They aren't lucky. It just so happens that the numbers came out the way they did. It was a completely random sequence of events which just so happened to result in your winning outcome. Hurray for you.

3) I don't know how I can explain this, but after so many years of being let down by people (loved ones, family, etc) I've decided that it's just best to stop thinking that they'll bail me out or help at the last second when I need it most.

In short, if I can't do it myself then I can do without it.

And group work is just counter-productive. Being dependant on people whom you don't really know for grades is not acceptable. Professors will push it off as a way to build teamwork skills and communication. The way I see it, it just means they have less work to grade. Lazy bums. This statement is subject to 1 and 2. Namely, not ALL professors are lazy.

4) I used to have regrets. But I learned to cope once I understood that rules 1, 2, and 3 existed. Everything happens for a reason, it was not chance, and the people/things I had regrets about were subject to my trust (which no longer gets given out easily).

However, once you see that 1 and 2 exist, regrets disappear because you realize that things happened because they were bound to happen at some point (Note: this is not fate, destiny, or some other bullshit construct, cause and affect/effect!). Since it was bound to happen, you can't regret it because it's not your fault that it happened, it just came to pass.

So. In short. If you see me acting a certain way and can't figure out why, I hope this gives you insight into my crazy ass mind.



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