Rambling, The First: The Human Condition

The first of my comments about life. Probably one of the more important facets of life: The other sex, or the same sex depending on your point of view on life (regardless of which sex you are).


What is attaction?

In short, the feeling you get when there's someone that you want. The unceasing barrage of thoughts, the idle daydreams, and an everpresent desire for them. It is probably one of the most difficult feelings to deal with. Singularly the most emotive, for good or for evil.

Why have attraction?

Because, in short, it's how we evolved. If any species were born without this... irrational desire to extend the species, said species would not last long in this world.

What is attraction?

In scientific terms, it's some sequences of neurochemical mechanisms which are fired off by an idea or anticipation of another. Who they are is based on what you (or rather, what your mind) believes. When you're with them, the world feels... Right. There is no other way to explain it. It's pleasing to you. You'll do anything to feel this way as much as possible, as often as possible.

So... It's all about sex?

Rather, it's about procreation. Bringing about the next generation into being, allowing the survival of the species. Sex is merely a means, because animals (as humans are) respond promptly and predictably to pleasure. Pleasure therefore becomes an efficient means to achieve the one goal of life: to create more life.

So yes. It's all about sex. But we don't think about it like that most of the time. Some of the time sounds more accurate. I digress. Because of our idle brainpower, ignorant of long chains of causation, it itself has not experienced directly nor indirectly, imagines there must be more to this emotion we experience. However! Facts are facts. Simply because the natural world hasn't explained to us in very clear terms what this powerful drive we experience is, doesn't mean we can make up irrational stories about what it is and call these explanations true. We feel. Definetly, there's no denying it. We'll always feel and the feelings will ALWAYS be real. But it doesn't change how they arise in the world and come into being.

Who are we attacted to?

I can't answer that. To be fair, I suppose I could try. I don't know what specific criteria for partner preference is, and to be honest I don't think it matters really. What matters is the fact that there is a range of acceptability when it comes to this choice. Wide or narrow the range, it doesn't matter. There is no person out there for anyone. There are instead many people who you feel would be perfect. Or even... Less than perfect (as inconceivable as this may sound, it's reality), but you would still want. Even animals that mate for life don't have a specific partner in life from birth. They have a range of choices, they pick one, for whatever reason, and stick with them. Any species which could somehow come up with such a skewed reproductive method as the there's-only-one-for-me approach would also have very little power in this world.

What's my point?

The person you like. The person before them, the person before that, and the person before them. They all fit within your range. Each of them did, and you felt at each time, that you couldn't possibly be better off with anyone else. And when you found the next person, you realize that you'd been kidding yourself. But you start believing in it again...

I will tell you now, there is no ONE person that you are MEANT to be with. There is no one person better than ALL the rest. There is another one just as good as them that you just haven't run into yet. Meet two of them at the same time... Then you've got problems.

That attraction, that longing for that ONE person... It's not the person that causes the desire. It's not the person that makes you frustrated when you're not with them. It's YOU that makes yourself feel that way. It's YOUR head. YOUR brain. YOUR neurochemical receptors at work. Yeah, guess what, you don't have any control over them. Not directly anyways. But you knew that already. Or did you? By not realizing what these signals are you set yourself up for that mythmaking. That coming-to-believe that this one person who makes you feel the way you do right at that moment is the ONLY one.

You say you need that feeling? I say an uncountable number of other people can make you feel the exact same way. Kinda scary, isn't it?

To summarize...

We are addicted to our emotions. But these drugs are created by our own bodies. We are born with the addiction. We go to the grave with it. But because it's internal to us and with us always we don't always understand it. So we think we need that certain someone. We associate our feelings with them.


Attraction, love, the chemical precursors are ALL there in our heads. They're there... Just... Waiting. Waiting for us to give them the right cue to get the ball rolling and start the synthesis that drives us into irrationality. I love this drug.

I LIVE for this drug.

I live for love.

But unlike many who say the same exact thing... I understand what it really is. I understand the how, the why. The reason.

It's not other people who are the drug. It's not the other people that's the drug. You've already got the drug inside of you. It's as if you've got it packed, but they have the fire to burn the restraint away. Just remember... They are not the only ones with a lighter.

You won't believe me until you go through it a couple of times and finally see it for yourself. Perhaps... This will only serve to help you understand much sooner than everyone else what exactly is going on with yourself.




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